Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jackson - Master Mechanic (Part 3)

Jackson - Master Mechanic

More progress but still basically blocking in colour.

"Jackson - Master Mechanic" - In Progress - 24 Jun 2012
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jackson - Master Mechanic (part 2)

Jackson - Master Mechanic

Updated photo
"Jackson - Master Mechanic" - In progress 20-Jun-2012
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jackson - Master Mechanic

A friend of mine has a very inquisitive son, Jackson. Yesterday I started to paint him as he was busy helping fix his Dad's motorcycle. I am sure his Dad appreciates the help :-)

Here is the painting as it stands today in progress with the start of some colours being blocked in. This is the first time I have tried painting watercolour directly onto aluminum composite panel. The first step was to sand and prime the panel with watercolour ground (gesso). This seems to yield a surface somewhat like canvas but without the flex. It feels strange working on the panel as it always feels cool to the touch. The watercolour gesso also tends to dull down the paint a bit so I had to go brighter and bolder than I would normally do.

As you can see I have not yet drawn in the rest of the motorcycle and the foreground. I first wanted to define Jackson and the dominant elements. As the painting develops, I will need to harmonize the colours. The orange tarp will need to be toned down and be a mixture of golds and reds. Jackson's hoodie will become a rustier brown and the oil in the pan will need to have some browns added. After the painting has been developed further then I will concentrate on defining the facial details and the hair more clearly.

The panel is 24" x 18".

"Jackson - Master Mechanic" - In Progress 10-Jun-2012
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