Friday, September 18, 2015

Back On-line - September 17, 2015

Hello all
Sorry for not posting for a while I was very ill. Just undergone a liver transplant here in BC Canada.
Thanks to a matching donor things have gone extremely well so far.

I do also want to thank all the doctors, nurses, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and supporting staff at both Vancouver General and St Pauls hospitals for their tremendous work and care.

The transplant seems to have bern a success and I am now working on recovery and mobility. At this time I am still at VGH until I can stand on my own two feet and be somewhat self sufficient ready to go home.
I must also thank specially my sister-in-law and my brother for their incredible help during this time. My sister-in-law just jumped on a plane from Toronto and dedicated herself to support me until I have recovered. This is a long term commitment that I have really appreciated. Thanks to all my friends that have supported me through this. I have a second chance now.

I was very fortunate that a liver match was found so quickly and made available.

During the wait for the liver I was maintained three times a week through dialysis both as inpatient and outpatient at both VGH and St Paul's Hospitals. It appears at this time following the liver transplant, my kidneys seem to be responding nicely now and hopefully will be able to go on without further dialysis in the future. We shall see in the next while.

I look forward not only getting back to working again but especially back to doing artwork again.