Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day - July 1, 2009

- 5:40pm

Went down to Granville Island today to pick up sketching supplies at the Opus store and had a late lunch at the Granville Island Hotel. Sat in the sun outside for a while just watching people go by. Lot and lots of people.

Well I just got back home at 5:20pm and could wait no longer to christen one of the new sketchbooks. I haven't done any sketching for quite a while so am rusty. Anyway as a quick ten minute exercise I did the above sketch of myself. Okay anyone who knows me can have a good laugh... hey it takes practice :-)

Actually, with my red shirt on I kind of look like a chubby but ill-fated "Red Shirt" from the original Star Trek TV show.

Okay, just another quick sketch this evening from the seawall outside.

Razor Girl
- along the seawall - 7:30pm

Anyway, new pencils, new sketch books... armed and dangerous.... Cyberdave