Sunday, April 14, 2013

World Wide Sketchcrawl #39 - Part 2

World Wide Sketch Crawl

Drawing marathons from around the world. Hundreds of artists, sketchers, sketch journalists in countries around the planet sketch on the same day. The idea of SketchCrawl is that of a global drawing marathon: taking a day to journal and draw all that is around you. Everyone participates by sketching something in your environment (city, home, street) and post the sketches on the forum at

The day is always decided by the web site creator from San Francisco, Enrico Casarosa .

This is the second sketch from my Saturday session.
"Cyclist" - colour version
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"Cyclist" - sketchcrawl #39
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World Wide Sketchcrawl #39

World Wide Sketchcrawl - Vancouver, BC - 13-Apr-2013

I had a late start today and did not get out for my "crawl" until afternoon. I was able to do sketch the sketch below, and started by doing the rough of another. The second was a cyclist, so speed was definitely a key factor, as these guys don't stay still for long. I'll see about finishing the second sketch asap as I want to use the cyclist as a base for an up-coming painting.

"Street-Sale" - Sketchcrawl#39
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