Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sketchcrawl 36 - late postings

Sketchcrawl 36 late postings

Unfortunately I was pretty tired before I went out to do Sketchcrawl 36 so I did not fair well that day.
I made a feeble attempt at the sketch immediately below and intended to try out some markers.
Had to give up as I kept falling asleep and was feeling kind of sick in the sun.

The second sketch below, was a result of some really rough pencil scratchings while talking to Garman. I decided yesterday to finish the sketch using a Pilot drawing pen and a single Derwent Graphitint Warm Grey pencil. So here it is in Black and White.

"Devonian Harbour Park - Vancouver, BC"
Unfinished as I was feeling ill and had to leave - here it is such as it was"
[Click on image for larger view]

"Devonian Harbour Park - Vancouver, BC"
Original very rough pencil under-sketch done on Sketchcrawl 36 day - this sketch was first of the day
Completed and inked 11-Aug-2012
This sketch dedicated to Mark Fletcher & Sara Chang - friends and inspiration
[Click on image for larger view]