Friday, February 8, 2013


Last Sunday I decided today to paint the view I see every morning as I wake up. Paws on chest I inevitably find a pair of eyes staring at me and a sighing fishy breath. "Get up you lazy bones - time to work". This of course is followed by Miss Fluffy curling up on the vacated bed and dozing off for a good nap. Job done!

Fluffy is an all white cat with two different coloured eyes which can be seen in the painting. The other marked features are her pink nose and ears. She is fairing well for a cat of over 13 years.

The painting started with my framing of the subject in such a way as to highlight the eyes and nose. Secondly I did not want any fiddly background and so went with the black as a contrast (hey black works for me well these days).
I then proceeded to paint in the eyes and the nose. 
Still not finished but this is the result of approximately an hour an a half made up of 3 x 1/2hr sessions. 

Watercolour and Pencil on Arches 140lb CP Watercolour paper
15" x 22"
[click on image for larger view]

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