Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 17, 2011

Todays sketch is of a building at the corner of Comox and Denman streets. Denman Street buildings were created when the Robson / Denman / Davie tram cars were installed in the early 1900's to carry residents of the West-end into downtown. Originally the West-end held the rich Vancouver elite, but as they gradually moved to the Shaunassey area up Granville, the West-end became a home for the middle class. The West-end soon began to fill with transient workers and new arrivals. This meant that the houses were sub-divided to house the extra people. The stores were created at street level to service the area, and the owners and tenants lived above or behind the stores. This happens today, for example the owner of the Central Bistro lives above the Legendary Noodle Restaurant. Note the balconies and terraces created in the upper levels to replace the lack of garden space.

"Legendary Noodle"
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  1. You live in a cool part of Vancouver. Enjoy the summer!