Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Thinking!

Okay, so no sketch on this post.. relax and read on.

I have been thinking lately about the way I use pen and ink in my sketches. Being somewhat of a control freak, I like the control provided by using a set of technical pens for sketching. Seeing other more experienced and skilled artists sketching has made me think of how much more expressive their drawings are when the use brush and ink, or as some do use a stick to apply the ink. Firstly, using a brush enables the artist to vary the line created and provide very interesting effects. Using a stick or "found object" to apply the ink, gives the lines a less controlled look.

Anyway, I feel a bit chicken-hearted and resistant to leaving my comfort zone. I will need to experiment in my sketchbooks and try both of these techniques.

I have also began running multiple sketchbooks in parallel, and just recently started a separate one for sketches of the Vancouver West-end.


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  1. It's okay to go back to the good ol' stand-bys but it's good to try other things first.