Sunday, April 8, 2012

Reports of Sketcher Gangs on Skytrain

There have been reports of Sketch gangs roaming the Vancouver Skytrain on Sunday nights. Apparently these vicious gang members blazenly whip out their sketchbooks and draw unsuspecting Skytrain riders. Is the Skytrain safe for the public to ride anymore?

Strangely these unsuspecting riders do not seem to mind having their profiles and poses sketched as they head sleepily home.

Now each Sunday evening starting at 4pm, members of the Vancouver Skytrain Sketch Group meet at the Waterfront Station (main concourse) under the big blue T - they wait for 15 minutes for the group to gather then hop on the Skytrain for for a few hours of serious sketching.

So if you have the urge to just go out and draw, go and join this group on Sunday night and have fun. All are welcome.

Thumbs up for the Vancouver Skytrain Sketch Group. :-)

For those interested there is also a rival gang in Toronto called the Toronto Subway Sketch Group

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