Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sketchcrawl 35

Today is Sketchcrawl 35 day an here is my first sketch of the day. This is my first attempt at doing an Arist Trading Card (ATC).

"Cactus Cub Cafe" - English Bay

"Artist Trading Cards - 1"

"Artist Trading Cards - 2"

"Sketchers at the Laughing Statues"

"Vendor at English Bay"


  1. I like the expressions and the slightly wonky line quality of the trading cards.

    1. The simple design/sketching and "slightly wonky line" was intentional. They were done very fast and were intended to be whimsical.
      My intention was to hand them out to the other participants at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I had to stop and leave before the rest of the group returned from their trip into Staley Park.
      Anyway, I had some fun doing them and experimenting with coloured inks. The cards were done using sharp chop-sticks to apply the ink. The ink was drying very fast outside today.

  2. It seems that was a very profited day, David. Go ahead!
    Vancouver should be a city full of beautiful places!

    1. Carlos..
      It was not a bad day...but I was not so happy with my sketching that day. i was not feeling well. I did find a group on new friends that resulted in me joining a group.

      I try to experiment when I do these sketchcrawls. Try something different each time, Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't.