Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morgan Freeman

My first attempt at dry-brush watercolour

Original Pencil-only sketch from Nov 2012
7.5" x 11" image

B/W Watercolour using dry-brush watercolour technique
Determined to increase the contrast over the original sketch,
I wanted the darks really dark,
15" x 22" image


  1. Good call David - the darks really work.

    1. John.. thanks... However the photo of the painting came out too bright. I guess the camera took the mat and tried to automatically rebalance the image, The real painting shows much more detail in the face and more subtle shading. Anyway IMHO the painting is much better than the photo shown.

      PS: I have been following your sketches each week with a great deal of interest. I see your sketch style has settled in and I like it. T noticed you have three different groups of sketches a) your construction related sketches b) your personal stuff (skiing, skating etc) c) your neighbourhood sketches. I find each one of these interesting as it gives me different glimpses of your world.
      Keep it up, I love to see it.

      Me I just keep experimenting and learning, As you can see I am into my black and white period for now. LOL