Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sketchcrawl #38

I had big plans to sketchcrawl at Granville Island yesterday, but due to some work and feeling a bit wiped out, I ended up crawlin' at home. I sketched the following in between handling other things. I still have to finish it today.

Since I was unencumbered by travel and the elements, I sketched large on a watercolour half sheet figuring I can turn the sketch into a painting.

Here is Miss Fluffy half asleep and half keeping a wary eye on me. LOL
FYI.. she seems to have taken to sleeping in the magazine indent in my Japanese coffee table.

"Sketchcrawl #38 - Miss Fluffy"
15" x 22" on watercolour 140lb Arches CP
[click image for larger view]

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