Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

The sketch of the old car with the three men changing the tire was sketched from an old family black and white photo. Inspired by sketches done in Japan by Kumi Matsukawa while on Sketchcrawl 31 and other Japanese sketchcrawlers, I decided to do this sketch covering two pages of my book. I think it turned out well.

"Can Never Be Enough Supervsion"
(Final) - From old 1930 photo
1929 Chrysler Imperial Sedan
[Click on image for larger view]
Can Never Be Enough Supervision
(In progress)

Can Never Be Enough Supervision
(In progress)

Sketches done from my Big Bus tour. The #415 bus I was on for my first ride round (I went around the second time that day on the open topped bus. The Tacofino van was parked on Morton Street in English Bay selling it's "Fish Tacos". Apparently these are a West-Coast specialty - yeah sounds ? delicious ?

Big Bus #415 and Tacofino Van

Tourists, Hoodie and Headless Girl

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