Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011

While on the Big Bus tour that I took earlier in the month, I started this sketch of one of the local sushi restaurants. I was having a hard time sketching this properly as the bus was not only very bumpy but was passing this spot too fast. Fortunately, I took two trips around on the bus and was able to get enough to start a sketch. I had my trusty camera with me to take reference shots for the details.

"Oishii Sushi Restaurant "
Denman and Robson Streets, Vancouver
(In progress)
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  1. Neat! I drive by there twice a day when in town. Nice to see familiar territory being captured, painted and posted to the net.

  2. Sheila.. thanks for the kind words.. still learning. LOL

    I plan on sketching a lot in Chinatown in the next couple of weeks. Especially July 23rd for Sketchcrawl 32.

    BTW I looked at your fantastic sketchbook pages on flickr.