Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Out My Window

Last week there was one afternoon where the weather in Vancouver was really strange. Within an hour the weather went from sunny, to grey and rainy, thunder, lightening, high wind gusts, wind blowing leaves up, wind blowing leaves sideways, more rain, sun showers, dark and then sunny again. I sat watching this out my living room window. When the weather cleared I was left with this really clear view where all the colours outside were intense and crisp. I spent the next hour or so sketching this view. Unfortunately I have been having problems with a virus my eyes and had to set my sketching aside. On Monday Nov 21st I was finally again able to pick up and complete the sketch. This is the result. I have to admit that from my nice comfy chair I did get a little crazy drawing a lot of detail.. but hey.. that's just my style.

"Out My Window"
[Click on image for larger view]


  1. Hello David

    Blogger must not work well... I have done myself follower of yours several times but it does not seem to remain fixed. Equally, in my blog, your logo appears and disappears in my list of followers. Let's expect it to be fixed.

  2. Hello Carlos..

    Yes I noticed that issue too. My blog indicates I alternate between 11 and 15 followers, but just doing a refresh brings back the full 15. You are in the bunch of those followers between 11 and 15. I am wondering whether blogger has a DNS issue. I will look into it.Thanks