Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lindsay May Latest CD "Shimmer"

I was presently surprised this week to receive a autographed copy of Lindsay May's latest CD "Shimmer" in the mail. :-)  The CD came with a wonderful thank you "David from one artist to another". A very nice touch.

Lindsay's new CD was just released March 8th and she has just headed off on tour. Last I heard she was in Edmonton.

Lindsay's thanks were for two ink and watercolour sketches of her singing outside on Granville Island in September and October last year. I had dropped off the two original sketches at Nimbus Studios in Vancouver where she was recording "Shimmer".

I have suggested today in her blog that when she gets back into town after her tour that I perhaps have a chance to do a few more sketches, maybe even a portrait. I think Granville Island is still a good venue as it is outside and it suits her music. Well we'll see.

For those interested, you can find photos of the sketches in this blog in the older posts.


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