Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project RS-52 #2

18 minute sketch of breakfast [Pancakes, blueberries, raspberries, banana and a glass of skim milk - since I did the cooking, it didn't taste as good as it looked]. Just in case you are wondering, the plate is supposed to be frosted glass.

Sketch was done entirely with watercolour pencils and waterbrush to speed up sketching. No pencil used.
The watercolour pencils worked great for sketching and are very quick and interesting when wet. I drew the basic shapes with watercolour pencils dry then used waterbrush with clean water to just smudge-in the colour. Don't be afraid to mix dry watercolour pencil, it blends well when wet. You can see the blue blended a bit too well with the yellow banana and now it looks a little greener than it was in real life. :-)

"RS.52 - Week #2"
[Click on image for larger view]

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