Monday, January 23, 2012

Sketchcrawl # 34 - Sketches #3 & #4

Sketchcrawl # 34 - Sketch/painting #3
I really did not have my heart in doing this sketch/painting, it just was not going where I wanted it to go. I tried to fix it, but IMHO it really became a splotchy mess. Hopefully the colours helps redeem what really turned into a mini-painting. This was my decoy while doing the portrait sketches (Sketch #2). Much of the sketching and colour was already done at the Bloedel on Saturday, but fixes and completion done Sunday at home.

11" x 15" Watercolour
Paper: Arches 300lb Rough
"Blue and Gold Macaw"
[Click on image for larger view]

Sketchcrawl # 34 - Sketch #4
My 4th and final for Sketchcrawl #34 is a quick sepia sketch worked as negative space. The sketch was done using Sakura Pigma Sepia pens. As I did this at the very end of the day, I was rushed. After scribbling in the darks with the Pigma Brush pen, I realized it would have been better and easier on the pens to use lines and cross-hatching. Oh well! something for another day to try. These pens do work really well on Arches Rough paper.

4" x 6" Sepia Pen Sketch
Paper: Arches 300lb Rough
"Plant Sketch in Sepia"
[Click on image for larger view]

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