Friday, January 13, 2012

Project RS.52-2B

Today after receiving another encouraging email from Tatie, I decided to have another try at doing this weeks exercise for Project RS.52 but really wanted to do two things:
a) Really push myself with both accuracy and speed  b) experiment further with watercolour pencils. After making my breakfast of English crumpets, English cucumber slices and a tomatoe, I pulled out my tin of Watercolour pencils, my sketchbook and my waterbrush and got to it. Needless to say my crumpets were very cold when I finished sketching and I had to nuke 'em in the microwave to make them somewhat edible :-(

My tin of Derwent watercolour pencils
After 20 minutes
Even pushing real hard with only the watercolour pencils
I still only got this far but had the rudimentary breakfast
items sketched in. Did not get to the can of Nestea ice tea
though, only the outline. These watercolour pencils are
exceptional. The trick is to sharpen them well. I know 
that some pencil sharpeners have a bigger hole for
sharpening colour pencils, but I find with these it is
better to use the regular hole as per regular pencils.
When I start the sketch, I draw shapes negatively with
the outside colour then I rough in the shadows. Super
detail is not needed, this can be handled when the
sketch is wetted using the water brush with only
clear water. 
After another 10 minutes
I was having so much fun I decided to wet the sketch and
attempt to finish it. I was able to get the food, placemat
and plate done, but still not the drink. Again these
watercolour pencils are awesome and quick.
Final 10 minutes
Well at this point I just had to sketch in and wet in the
ice tea drink. I had prior experience drawing these
ice tea cans, but last time I did the sketch all with
blue fountain pen ink. I believe the sketch is shown
somewhere on this blog :-)

I am reasonably happy with the results of 40 minutes total and learned a lot today. I will record these new ideas in my journal under lessons learned.

Did I say "These watercolour pencils are awesome!"

All photo's above can be seen as larger images by clicking on each photo above.


  1. I like very much this second try. The can of tea is really well returned. Saddened for my bad English

  2. Virginie .. merci
    Mon français n'est pas si bon non plus, mais nous allons gérer. J'ai pris un certain nombre d'années de cours de français à l'école mais qui a été il ya 40 ans. J'ai également eu des leçons d'allemand au même moment. Quand je vivais à Toronto et à Montréal quand j'ai visité, j'ai aussi parlé un peu français, mais les gens de Vancouver ne sont pas régulièrement parler français.