Monday, September 26, 2011

September 24, 2011 [more]

Saturday when I came back from my visit to Granville Island, I ran into Bob my neighbour. He was out raking leaves (yes.. it is that time of year already). Bob owns the Tudor house next door at 1995 Comox Street that I sketched as part of the "Vancouver West-end Sketches 2011" sketchbook I am working on. I showed Bob my West-end sketchbook and he was really interested. He said he would like to buy a copy when or if I publish it. Bob indicated that he used to own the English Bay Inn across the street but sold it and bought this house. I was asking a little about the existing house he is in and he told me that it is sub-divided into four suites. Bob lives in the upstairs, there are two suites on the ground level and one basement suite. The basement suite has a walk out, so is not totally below ground. The house is fairly large so actually has 3 distinct addresses. The basement suite has 1995 Comox Street address with an entrance onto Comox. The two ground-level suites have separate Chilco Street addresses. He tells me he is adding an extension at the back of the house too.

Bob also indicated to me the harp I saw being pushed along the seawall was not his. A young guy used to store his harp in Bobs basement suite until someone moved in. The young guy plays the harp often in Stanley Park.

I did not want to hold Bob up from his chores (leaf raking), so I left him with the promise to talk again soon and get some details about the house and the English Bay Inn.

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