Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 24, 2011

I have been busy between work and doing personal sketches and Birthday cards for friends, so my posting has been sparse. Anyway, in preparation for the World-wide Sketchcrawl No. 33 on October 15, 2011, I went down to the Granville Island Public Market to scope out the location. I am hoping I can attract a number of other local Vancouver sketchers to come out and join me at the Granville Island Market for the Sketchcrawl.

In honesty I did not get to do any on-site sketching, but had my unsophisticated little point-and-click digital camera with me. I was mostly there to check out the facilities, what to expect to sketch later and just relax. Lots of interesting people, things and places to explore. I think this will be a good place for our Sketchcrawl.

Something that caught my attention was a young lady, Lindsay May a singer songwriter who was out singing playing both guitar and mandolin, at the back of the public market. I listened, watched and clicked a few photos. When I got home after the outing, I decided to do a sketch from a photo of Lindsay singing. I planned then to use the sketch as a mini-ad on the Sketchcrawl 33 Vancouver forum thread to attract local Vancouver sketchers to come out. I did the following sketch in pen and ink (black and white) thinking I may add a splash of watercolour later to the original. At the moment I think it looks just fine as a black and white sketch.

"Lindsay May at the Granville Island Public Market"
[Click on the image for larger view]


  1. Hey, that's good Dave! It might be fun to just try minimal colours...just Lindsay, ot just floor , sort of approach.


  2. John..
    Thanks for the idea. I might just do that. I really only wanted to highlight Lindsay as the focus. One of the reasons she has the dominant darks in her black dress. The secondary focus was on her instruments and equipment. The rest was all staging background.

    I had sent a copy of the sketch to Lindsay and she was so thrilled. She thought it was so cool and that it made her day. Nice to get back a personal email from her. She sent me a half dozen free tracks of download of her songs.