Monday, September 12, 2011

West-end Sketchbook in Progress

As indicated earlier, I have been accumulating sketches of the Vancouver West-end with the intent of publishing a limited copy run. This is to chronicle my view of places and things in the West-end during 2011. Below are photo's of the West-end Sketchbook as it sits today. At this time there are 12 sketches in the book with facing pages ready to receive notes about each sketch.  I definitely need to get out and do more sketches in the book and keep the process moving before 2011 ends .. LOL. In the next few days I will also be interviewing some of the building owners to get more specifics with the intent to write the facing page notes. Shown below are 5 of the sketch pages and the sketchbook cover.
[Click on each image for larger view]

Sketchbook Covers 
For those interested, the cover of the West-end 
sketchbook was done using a photo printed image
of one of the sketches, applied to the front with
double-sided transfer tape, then clear laminating
film was applied to protect the image. The other
smaller sketchbooks had origami paper applied
to each cover using double-sided transfer tape. 
This was done to make each sketchbook unique
and readily identified in my bag. Not sure yet 
whether I will apply laminating film for protection.
All 5 of the sketchbooks shown are "Moleskine"
Watercolour sketchbooks.

West-end Sketchbook Cover
I decided to add the photo to the front of the sketch
book and applied laminating film to make it more 
durable when "out in the field".

First Sketch page - English Bay Inn

Second Sketch page - Hirshfield House

Third Sketch page - 1995 Comox Street
Laughing Statues

Roedde House


  1. Love these! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm packing up my kit and heading out RIGHT NOW!

  2. I have been thinking that set of drawings in a hard bound book is a sort of 'piece' onto itself. Modern art seems to be about themes, even obsessions. With some artists drilling deeper and deeper into an idea for years.
    Problem is the don't lend themselves to display.

  3. I have had prints laminated very successfully in Staples in past bubbles have beautiful work and good ideas !

  4. Lovely sketchbook Dave, and I love the cover ideas... thanks for sharing your ideas.