Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back To West-end Book Sketches

It was about time to get the Vancouver West-End Sketches book moving again. So I have braved the wet and grey weather and sketched a section of Denman Street. At the moment I have been able to do most of the black and white ink sketch and have not got around to dabbing on the fall colours or those of the storefront awnings. In previous sketches that were panoramic (double page) I had drawn right through the fold where the pages join. In this case I wanted to avoid that and so I decided to sketch this as a diptych (two separate frames forming one scene). This took a little more planning and forced me to sketch from the inside fold part of each page outwards.

Sketching has been a bit of a strain as early last week I picked up a virus in the left eye. This has resulted in my left eyelid staying open and watering a lot and forcing my right eye to keep refocusing and blinking. Passers-by must think I am winking at them... I better watch out or I will have some guys following me home :-(  Anyway this is leading to eye strain and I cannot sketch long periods without a lot of breaks. The Doctor says wait a week and see it it clears up. Easy for him, he'll not be the guy with the broken nose if I wink at a girl with her boyfriend in tow :-)

Here it is unfinished, but gives me some proof I have made some progress again towards the book. :-)

"Babylon Cafe and Others"
[Click on image for larger view]

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