Sunday, October 9, 2011

Granville Island Pre-Sketchcrawl

This sketch was done at the end of September on one of my visits to the Granville Island Public Market. I finally finished adding the colour last night while watching a movie.

Lego Boy's Mom tells me you can't just buy plain Lego blocks anymore. Apparently all Lego is sold in specialty kits with this one being the Firetruck and gear. All done to ensure the parent has to keep buying the latest kit and spending more hard-earned cash... Aaah Marketing, what a wonderful process. :-)

[edit] Oh! after publishing this post... I see that the photography work of mine was pretty bad. The original is a nice pencil and watercolour sketch, but my photo makes it a bit edgy. :-(

"Lego Boy & His Mom"
[Click image for larger view]

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