Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sam Kee Building

Sketch done as a birthday gift to a friend I have known for 26 years. This was done on September 16, 2011 as a black and white ink and pencil sketch. The significance of the building is that it is only 4.5 ft wide at the street level and 6.5ft wide at the second level. There are stores under the sidewalk such as the barber shop. The building was pushed back when West Pender Street was widened.

"Sam Kee Building - Vancouver Chinatown"
[Click on image for larger view]


  1. hey this is really good Dave. The dark shadows give it depth.

  2. Thanks John.. I have been experimenting with b/w with crosshatch, full black out and graphite shading to give depth. In this case the friend had specifically mentioned she collects sketches from places she has visited, all approx 8.5" x 11" and all b/w ink only. So the surprise for her birthday was this.

    Funny coincidence was that at the time I did it she and her husband were in Shanghai on vacation and the sketch has Vancouver's Shanghai Alley on the street sign. Karen had also see this building on a previous visit to Vancouver.